Serving Nashville, TN and surrounding counties for customized instruction, units, consultations, workshops, & planning. 

Serving the online community for phone consultations, customized lessons & units, video workshops, & 
​homeschooling support



Learning your way
is our way.

Imagine having an educator who works for YOU to create & support customized instruction uniquely fitted to your child's learning style, educational needs, pace, & developmental level. 

Now you do. 

​It's time to customize.

  • Is your child a different kind of learner? ​
  • Are you looking for low cost & easy ways  to manage your child's education? 
  • Have you considered homeschooling, but just aren't sure if it's right for you and your child? 
  • Do you need more help (or a different kind) than your co-op, tutorial, or CRS is able to give?  

When you aren't getting the support you need, we'll be here.  

At Atlas Educational, we believe that learning doesn't stop after graduation.
Learning should happen throughout your life.

Learn something that can help bothyou to gain confidence &
your child
to gain knowledge & understanding. 

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Old School, New School,
My Kind of School-

3 Ways to Teach Your Child
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